AVEVA Product Photography

AVEVA wanted to communicate its product offering across three themescollaborative platform, operating experience, and engineering experiencein a way that illustrated and communicated the products’ benefits. My team leveraged pre-packaged, digitally generated 3D environments and objects and composited them with real people to create compositionally dynamic, highly rendered scenes.

The project included wireframe sketches to show proposed compositions, lighting and positioning, mood boards that provided visual references and inspiration, and specific, pre-selected options of 3D digital environments that were used to create each final composite. Shot in a studio, all models were photographed against a 40′ x 20′ green backdrop. We carefully selected wardrobe and set design to match the environment.  

An early wireframe of the engineering experience environment.

Advanced detail of the collaborative platform environment, complete with accurate lighting.

We chose a bottling plant for the operating experience environment.

For the engineering experience, the CAD model can be seen clearly through the tablet, almost as if the tablet is a window into the model.

We shared the final composites with the models ahead of time so they understood the scene they were enacting.

With all the pre-production complete, shoot day is to be enjoyed!

Final art.

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