The Way Back Machine

Remember when Taylor Swift sang country and the Jonas Brothers reigned supreme? How about when people didn’t know what WebEx was (what do you mean, virtual conference?), and VoIP was the answer to land lines. Like fashion, brand marketing is constantly changing. Behold, the ginormous cell phone (bye bye, VoIP). Get a load of that clunky typeface. In an ongoing effort to stand out, to make it pop, to be visible from a distance and of course, to always be on-trend, I invite you to step inside the Way Back Machine. It will take you on a journey to brand marketing past, in the form of just some of the many projects I’ve been involved in over the years.

AVEVA Product Photography

AVEVA “Moments” Campaign

Sage Rebrand

Sage: UK ‘Elevate’ Campaign

Sage: Boss it

Sage: Invictus Games

Sage: Brand Campaign

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Sage: Brand Videos

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