Wine and Spirits Positioning

Wine and spirits companies don’t just sell what’s inside the bottle. They sell a lifestyle. A way of looking at the world. When they bring new products to market, they have specific consumers in mind. Consumers like 25-35 year-old professionals who are ready to graduate from bottom shelf offers to those distinguished bottles with the eyebrow raising packaging, intriguing panel copy, and online narratives that make they want to belong.

I’ve helped numerous wine and spirits companies put their most seductive, even funniest feet forward to engage and interact with consumers who are looking for new flavors to love, and new brands that represent where they want to take their lives.



AVEVA Product Photography

AVEVA “Moments” Campaign

Sage Rebrand

Sage: UK ‘Elevate’ Campaign

Sage: Boss it

Sage: Invictus Games

Sage: Brand Campaign

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Sage: Brand Videos

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